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Windrush Yachts specialises in yachts (sail or motor), catamarans and motor sport composites. Windrush works in all facets of composite construction including defence, mining, industrial and recreation applications.

We have built a reputation for excellence in design and construction since starting out in the early 1970’s. Some of our in house designed products such as the Windrush 14 (Trac 14) can be found across the globe. We continue to push the boundaries of what is perceived to be possible with sail boats and construction techniques.

New F18 by Windrush


F18 Edge by Windrush


If you want to look at some photos of the Edge in action go to Facebook and look for the EDGE page and join in the discussion about the new boat. If clicking on the link does not take you to Facebook, copy and paste the address into your browser.




Check out the Edge page under Sailing Boats!


Windrush Mylar sail face lift

Windrush 2012 Mylar sail face lift

2012 Windrush 14 Production sail changes.
2012 has marked the 20th anniversary of the mylar sails on Windrush 14.
Windrush Yachts have taken the initiative to modernise the mylar sail plan with the now popular and common square top sail.

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The Edge

The EDGE has touched the water

The new F18 "EDGE" has finally made it onto the water.





The 'Spitfire 12' is the latest and most radical product of BDG's Marine division and Windrush yachts. This sleek hydrofoil was launched on 17th January 2002. In only its third sea trial on 2nd Febuary 2002, it could be seen thundering along more than a metre above the wave crests, off the coast of Perth. Remarkably, Spitfire succeeded in reaching speeds of up to 30 knots, on a day with only 18-25 knots of wind. With some more development and more experience under the crew's belts, designers Mark Pivac and Peter Eagles of BDG Marine expect the boat to reach a top speed of more than 40 knots.

spitfire foilingThe 12 metre (40 feet) catamaran features twin rigs, sleek hulls and most notably, three hydrofoils which lift the hulls completely clear of the water, allowing Spitfire to accelerate to high speeds, without the burden of hull drag loads.

Spitfire's hydrofoils lift the hulls above the waves, so despite travelling at high speed the ride is reported by the crew to be smooth and quiet, even in relatively choppy seas.

The twin masts are unstayed, for superior aerodynamics and use experimental 'soft wing' double sided sails, also developed by BDG and Windrush, who have a patent pending for the technology.

Spitfire 12 is designed for coastal racing, and will be extremely competitive in all wind conditions (see performance estimates). Already, spitfire's crew are planning to attempt to the 24 hour record set by Steve Fossett in 2001. BDG Marine is also planning a larger, 24 metre (80 feet) version of Spitfire, designed for long distance ocean racing. This vessel would be capable of breaking prestigious records such as Playstation's transatlantic record, and the round-the-world race record. BDG is currently seeking sponsors for both projects.