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Windrush 700

Windrush 700

The Windrush 700 is a 7.35m production catamaran. This boat was first launched in 1990 at the Tokyo International Boat Show. The W700 is designed for Road Trailering in the spirit of the International Micro Multihull Class Association rules. The lightweight and aerodynamic form makes it practical to tow this boat behind a family car.

Manufactured by Windrush Yachts in Western Australia the W700 construction is a mixture of durable monolithic laminate and stiff sandwich panel construction. Moulded with Polyester gelcoat and resin systems the hulls have a high gloss, paint free finish.

The hulls are linked by 3 beams and two trampolines. The main beam is a composite monocoque which includes multiple storage compartments and the jib sheeting controls, whilst also creating an effective spoiler against wind and waves. The rear beam is a sturdy aluminium extrusion which carries the mainsheet controls and the outboard motor mounting. The forward beam is a deep airfoil section which carries the forestay bridle and leading edge of the front trampoline. The main trampoline is a one piece design which is gently cambered to create extra support and a smooth transition between the beams and the hulls. The 10.7m untapered rotating mast is a 190mm deep aluminium airfoil extrusion with a single set of short diamond wire spreaders. The main halyards are rigged internally and exit to jammers mounted at gooseneck level.