Windrush New WA Hobie Sailboat Dealer

Some great news for Windrush and cat sailing in Western Australia is the announcement that Windrush Yachts has taken on the Western Australian dealership for Hobie Sailboats. Windrush is very excited to be able to support cat sailing in WA right across the spectrum now and are looking forward to the coming season and years ahead. The first shipment of Hobie boats and parts are due in a week so Windrush will be undergoing a refit in order to accomodate the new stock.

Joshua Fugill will be handling the majority of Hobie enquiries so give him a call on 9314 1317 to discuss your requirements!

Windrush Yachts specialises in yachts (sail or motor), catamarans and motor sport composites. Windrush works in all facets of composite construction including defence, mining, industrial and recreation applications.

We have built a reputation for excellence in design and construction since starting out in the early 1970’s. Some of our in house designed products such as the Windrush 14 (Trac 14) can be found across the globe. We continue to push the boundaries of what is perceived to be possible with sail boats and construction techniques.


F18 Edge by Windrush


If you want to look at some photos of the Edge in action go to Facebook and look for the EDGE page and join in the discussion about the new boat. If clicking on the link does not take you to Facebook, copy and paste the address into your browser.




Check out the Edge page under Sailing Boats!

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