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Windrush Mylar sail face lift

Windrush 2012 Mylar sail face lift

2012 Windrush 14 Production sail changes.
2012 has marked the 20th anniversary of the mylar sails on Windrush 14.
Windrush Yachts have taken the initiative to modernise the mylar sail plan with the now popular and common square top sail.

The jib with its full battens has had only minor detail changes. The luff tape detail changing to be a continuation of the sail material and removal of the hanks formerly inside the zipped on luff tape. Batten angles have also rotated slightly to make them look less droopy now the mast rake has settled into a fairly std angle and battens are now fixed in with Velcro for easier removal and changes .
The main and jib are to be made from : DP Flex08 , a mylar which has a slightly higher weight per square metre than the previous material and includes fibres in the +-45 deg angle to improve the cloth stability.
Main sail battens have been spaced out more evenly and the number reduced to 6 in total.
Colours are now standard with all mains and jibs being framed in black Sticky back.